Common Questions

Why do I need a wedding coordinator?

Weddings are a wonderful, emotional and exciting celebration of your new life together. However, planning a wedding is a ton of work, often between 200 – 250 hours! Wedding planners help bring the dream of your wedding to life, handling much of the legwork, keeping you on track and on budget. We handle every detail, so you can enjoy the experience of your engagement and wedding instead of stressing about it.

My banquet/catering manager says she will help me and that an outside person is not necessary.

The role of a wedding planner and a banquet manager are quite different. The banquet manager’s responsibility is to make sure the correct food is being served, ensure the banquet staff are performing their duties and guarantee that the facility is set to the agreed-upon floor plan and that all the other specifications on the banquet event order are fulfilled. The wedding planner is responsible for checking that all the vendors have delivered what was specified in the contracts, overseeing all the décor, managing the timetable for wedding traditions, taking care of family, ensuring that the parents do not miss important events such as cutting the cake and making sure that the mom and the bride are not working, but rather enjoying their guests and the celebration.

What should I expect to pay for wedding planning services?

The reason most wedding coordinators want to visit with a bride before quoting a package price is to determine the size and complexity of the wedding celebration. The wedding professional must also determine how much support the bride will need throughout the planning process. For example, a bride who is not working may require less support than a bride who is working full-time or attending school. Another example is when a bride lives out of town and may need more planning support.

Do you charge a flat fee, hourly rate or percentage of budget? What is your payment structure?

After our initial meeting, I will create a customized package and quote a flat rate service fee based on the size and scope of your wedding.

Your quoted rate is broken in to three payments. Payments will be scheduled based on how many months I am contracted to you. 25% of your rate is due at contract signing. The second payment is due on a scheduled date prior to your wedding. The balance is due up to three (3) days after your wedding. Additional charges may incur if you add any other services in the planning process. The service fee and payment schedule is detailed in the contract, see below.

Will a “Day of” wedding coordinator be enough?

For some weddings, a “Day of” coordinator is exactly what is needed. Day of coordinators arrive on the day of your wedding to implement your plans. In my experience, this type of package works best when the bride is extremely organized, has an eye for detail and time for planning. My “Day of” package starts the last month before the wedding. I do not believe that your wedding can be properly coordinated without laying some final groundwork prior your wedding day. I would never suggest a situation where I just show up on your wedding day not having done some finalization with you and your vendors.

How much will you be involved in the planning process?

I can be as involved as you need or want me to be! All actual decisions are made by you. I hope you’ll see me as a friend and confidant who is there to facilitate and make the whole process easier and more efficient for you and your fiancé. So, please review the four package services and let me know how involved you want me to be in your wedding.

Do you have an Assistant or staff?

Yes, I have a assistant, Brittany. She helps me with wedding receptions over 100 guests. I will add staff members based on your final guest count.

What happens if there is an unforeseeable event and you can’t attend my ceremony and/or reception?

So far, this has never happened. My assistant and another exceptional staff member will capably fill my shoes.

What happens if there is inclement weather on my wedding day forcing me to cancel my ceremony and/or reception?

You will not be responsible for your final payment. Unfortunately, payments received will not be reimbursed.

I’m a working bride; will you do meetings at night?

Yes. I currently schedule evening meetings on Monday and Thursday. We can also meet over a lunch hour or before your work day begins. I am free on most Saturdays, if I am not coordinating an event.

Is there a fee for our initial meeting?

No. This is our time to get acquainted and to decide if we are a good fit for each other. The initial meeting typically takes 30 minutes.

Do I need to sign a contract with you?

Yes. Please review the contract here.

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Are you a legal business?

Yes. Best Wishes Wedding Planning is a Limited Liability Company. I carry Event Liability Insurance for every event.

Common Questions

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